How to use build a website in minutes with Gatsby & Deploy Now

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Wayne / Devscover
Wayne / Devscover

How to use build a website in minutes with Gatsby & Deploy Now

So, it's 2022. That year sounds like it's from the future, but it is actually the year we live in. In these new times, more and more of you want to build brands, be it a physical store, an e-commerce site, a blog or Onlyfans. No matter what business or brand you're building, you are probably going to need a website.

But there’s a ton of ways of building and hosting a site online. Which do you choose? Well, I can tell you what I chose for my personal site and blog and that’s IONOS Deploy Now because it makes deploying a web app sooo easy and what's more, it's completely free!

You can check out my video or read below for how you can build and host a web app in just a few minutes.

Firstly, create a IONOS account. I already have one from the days they were called 1&1 - I’ve actually had a domain with them for probably a decade now.

Secondly navigate to the starter that I built here. All you need to do at this point is scroll down and hit the "Deploy to IONOS" button.

Once you've hit the button, you'll be greeted with a page asking you to name your project. This is important because at this point, Deploy Now will actually copy my code into a brand new Github repository for you, under the name that you choose. This is neccesary so that you can make changes to your own site, and not have them replicated to the template.

After you've set a name, you'll see your project instantly start to build.

At this point you can see a little github icon with the name of your project in the bottom right corner. Click this and it will take you to your code. I'm not going to explain at this point how Git or Github works, but if you want to actually start making changes to your site, you can do by cloning your repository.

Going back to the Deploy Now page, after about a minute or so it should have built and you will see a URL link. That's it! Your website is hosted!

All you need to do to make it your own, is tweak the code and push up to the main branch. Your changes will be deployed instantly.

There's also a really cool feature where you can have a 'staging deployment'. To do this, all you need to do is push to a different branch on Github, and you'll see that you have a new deployment in Deploy Now. You can now compare your changes with the main website without everyone seeing your changes!

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