Raspberry Pi 400 Stealth Edition

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Wayne / Devscover
Wayne / Devscover

The Ultimate Hacker Raspberry Pi.

Featuring an all matt-black body for an ultimate professional look.

Taking inspiration from the blank keys of modern hacker keyboards, the keys are so subtle you can just make out the letters, perfect for badass typists.

Illumination provided by a set of ultra-white LED lights, flanking the device and visible through the cooling vent for those all night long coding sessions,

And replacing the Kensington lock - a subtle button for turning the LEDs off when you want full true stealth.

In keeping with the standard raspberry pi 400, this features all the same ports such as USB3, Dual Micro HDMI and the all new processor, now boosted to from 1.8 to 2ghz.

Are you a 1337 hacker? A night time coder or tinkerer of gadgets? Then the Pi 400 Stealth Edition is what you need for the ultimate coding experience.

Available literally nowhere, because… I built it myself.

So yeah I built this thing.

Why did I do it?

Well I love this raspberry pi 400 and I KNOW the thing is designed to teach people how to get into programming so it’s a nice friendly colour and design but I thought it needed a bit of a rebellious look to it. I wanted to make it all black to suit my aesthetic and I just thought you know what it needs some lights so I soldered in some LEDs to the GPIO terminals, drilled spaces for them in the case and it looked beastly. But then it needed a performance to match the look, so I also overclocked it to 2ghz.

I’ve stuck some pictures on my instagram @devscover and you can see my posts about it on twitter also @devscover

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If you don’t already have one of these, I really recommend picking one up, and if you don’t actually know what a raspberry pi 400 is, I made a whole video about it linked up here. Essentially its a raspberry pi 400 in a keyboard, but also with a faster processor (the standard 4 has 1.5ghz, although you can get it in 8gb whereas this is only 4gb).

If you want a black one well your going to have to follow my guide and build you own. I suppose I could make another to sell if you’re really desperate for it. Or we can all just petition the good people at the Pi Foundation to make us a real one of these.

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So stay subscribed for the next video, it’s gonna be a good! See you in the next one!