Tech Is Changing The Way You Travel in 2022

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Wayne / Devscover
Wayne / Devscover

Tech Is Changing The Way You Travel in 2022

There's a new website around, and it's changing the way you, and I will travel in 2022.

The site is When you visit the site, you see you are presented with a selection of appealing destinations or a select box where you can search your own. But it's when you've selected a country that the tech comes to life


The site combines data sources from all over the web to provide you with the ultimate feed of information you need to get travelling. You can find; your exchange rate, the emergency dialing code, see the country on a map, choose flights, accommodation and see sights. All this in one place.

Why is this such magic? Well before Trekur, you would have to go to many places to find this information. You'd have to first find a country to visit on a map, then go searching banks for the exchange rate, then perhaps Google or TripAdvisor for sights to see, then to book flights you'd have to type in the countries again in your airline search engine, and the same again for hotels. Instead, it's just one search and a couple of buttons. GLORIOUS!


As well as the plethora of features for budding travellers, of course it's 2022 and the most important thing we all need to know is if we can even get into a country, and what paperwork we need, due to COVID-19. Trekur excels in this, by providing the most up-to-date possible information on vaccination and COVID entry requirements for each country.

Now their About page does tell you that it is best endeavours, and to be fair they do a good job of keeping it up to date considering how fast countries are changing their restrictions. Trekur has the added benefit of a button linking to the government pages for almost every country to give you extra reassurance.

BETA Shows Promise

This site does still claim to be in beta, and this shows just how powerful the site might be when it's fully launched. Visit it at