So you have an ECS cluster running with an image on ECR. Want to update the image that cluster is running via the CLI? Here’s how you do it:

First build your docker file locally

docker build --pull -t Jenkins/jenkins:lts --no-cache -t our-services/nonprod/jenkins:latest .

Tag your built image for your repo

docker tag our-services/nonprod/jenkins:latest

Push your updated docker image to ECR

docker push

If you need to point to a new task definition do so in the UI, or terraform

Update your service to set desired count of instances to 0

aws ecs update-service --cluster our-services-nonprod-ecs --service our-services-nonprod-jenkins --desired-count 0

For the next step, you need to find the ARN of the tasks running in that service with

aws ecs list-tasks --region eu-west-1 --cluster our-services-nonprod-ecs --service our-services-nonprod-jenkins

This should produce a list of ARNs similar to this:

"taskArns": [

Then stop the task, replacing the id below with the one you found from the ‘list-tasks’ command

aws ecs stop-task --cluster our-services-nonprod-ecs --task c15edbfb-4aa6-4934-ad18-9083e048e650 --region eu-west-1

And set the desired count back to 1

aws ecs update-service --cluster our-services-nonprod-ecs --service our-services-nonprod-jenkins --desired-count 1


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